Help/Advice needed for Upgrade!

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Help/Advice needed for Upgrade!

Post by living_musically03 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:13 am

Hi! Looking to upgrade to an open hole B foot flute. Which models and brands are good?

An option I have is: a used Yamaha 584 HCT or a Gemeindhardt (new) maybe (3SB,AFL310SB-NG, 30SB-NG, 3SB-NG, 330SHB-NG, 330SB-NG, and 330SSB-NG) with a free piccolo?

So, what is a better option? Should I go with a Gemeindhardt model as it comes with a free piccolo? How is the quality in general of all the intermediate/professional brands?

Any other possible options that might be a good upgrade under the 1800 or so range? Preferably: Open holed, b foot, split e/c# trill.

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Re: Help/Advice needed for Upgrade!

Post by Marsyas » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:02 am

If I had to choose a flute from that list, then I’d only consider the Yamaha.

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Re: Help/Advice needed for Upgrade!

Post by Marsyas » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:33 am

I’ve been giving this question some though this afternoon, and I think I need to expand on my last post. Simply saying I’d only purchase the Yamaha from that list doesn’t really explain anything.

Let’s start with the C# Trill Key, I doubt very much that you’ll find a decent flute with this option, within your budget. Even second-hand. Think of this key more as a specialised key. It lends itself more to those that primarily play in orchestras. Can you play in an orchestra without one? Yes, you can. I did for over five years. Soloists on the other hand, I’ve found tend to play flats rather than sharps. This of course is a generalisation. I suppose my point is, that you don’t need one at this point in you flute career, as it’s an unnecessary expense.

I would recommend getting a flute with an off-set G key, and a split E mechanism. I wouldn’t worry too much whether the flute comes with a C foot or B foot. In the early days, a C foot can be much easier to play, and many continue into their professional careers without a B foot. I won’t get into a closed hole vs open holes debate here, but if you do opt for an open hole flute, I suggest you just rip those plugs out and get on with it.

As for Gemeinhardt, personally I’d steer clear of that brand.

In my opinion a student Yamaha would be a much better option for you. Any Yamaha YFL-2**, YFL-3**, YFL-4**, YFL-5**, etcetera would all serve you well at this stage. Even the second-hand Yamaha 584 HCT you mention would be a good choice, that you can grow with, just as long as it has been serviced and is playing well.

The most important thing to remember is that good technique, embouchure, and dedication to your practice, far outweighs, what flute you play / own / purchase.

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Re: Help/Advice needed for Upgrade!

Post by SylvreKat » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:52 am

I obviously am missing a detail in the OP's post that Marsyas read, as I see no indication what stage/level the OP plays at. Based on that failing of mine, I would guess that the OP has progressed past the student flute stage, since s/he's looking at intermediate (and better) flutes.

The Yami 500-series is a semi-pro flute, and a class above the listed Gemis. Having said that though, if you have a serious want for a picc, and if the included picc is also solid silver (not plated), then the Gemi isn't a bad choice. It just depends on what your wants and needs are. If the picc is just sort of a lark, and you're really more serious about fluting, then I'd recommend the Yami.

Can you get the Yami, and the Gemi model you prefer, on trial? Esp if you can arrange to have them at the same time, then you can play each one and compare them directly. Play the same sections of songs on each. Play scales. Play down to the lowest, and up to your highest. Have someone (preferably another experienced flutist) listen, and have her play so you can listen. Record yourself so you can hear. Which one feels better to your playing style? Which seems to respond better?

If you can't get them on trial, is there a music store near you that carries these flutes, or a model close enough to be similar? It's really hard to choose a flute unplayed.

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