Ton Kooiman Thumb Rest

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Ton Kooiman Thumb Rest

Post by BlackSakura »

I am seriously wanting to get one of these but I don't know where to order one here in the US. Any suggestion?

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Post by arabians207 »

I've never heard of them..

Have you tried the Thumbport? I personally LOVE mine. I used to hold my flute wrong until last summer. For 5 years I had never realized I was holding it wrong, until last year. When I tried to fix it it hurt my hand to hold it correctly.. I think probably because I have really small hands.

My teacher was amazed at how small my hands are last week at my lesson.. its almost physically impossible for me to finger high D (with the gizmo key) because my pinky can hardly reach it..

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Post by BlackSakura »

Actually, I was able to find someone who sold them - Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company ( I am surprised at how well it works, well works for me. However, I would still def try the Thumbport.

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Post by Claiken »

i have a thumbport and now i cant play without it. it made i big difference im my hand/arm pain... its definately worth the money and initial awkwardness!

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Post by fluteguy18 »

Claiken wrote:i have a thumbport and now i cant play without it. it made i big difference im my hand/arm pain... its definately worth the money and initial awkwardness!
Ditto. I almost had to quit playing because of pain/discomfort. Adding the thumbport to a new offset G system flute changed EVERYTHING. I now see a long life of "flute-ing" ahead of me. :D

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Post by MissyHPhoenix »

I agree with this, also! I got a thumbport about a week ago (gadgets, again ...) and agree that it makes a BIG difference in terms of hand/arm pain. I'm still kinda figuring out the best placement of it, but not going to do without in the future. I also noticed that, in addiiton to the improved hand position, I'm now able to hit the low C on a more consistant basis that I ever was before, even with my retarded arthritic little finger!!! :roll: I would heartily endorse this gadget!

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Re: Ton Kooiman Thumb Rest

Post by jmdewey60 »

I had been playing my vintage Artley with no problems but with
my Yamaha 281, I started having pain and numbness in my left
thumb. The Artley has a nice curve at the lower part of the thumb
pad but the Yamaha does not even have a lower part, and I guess
they just expect you to keep your thumb in alignment with the key.
I tried that and had other problems just holding the flute.
A while back now, I fitted my sea kayak paddles with a type of
padding that is made for that purpose, being sheets of closed cell
foam with an adhesive back, that you would wrap around the part
that your right hand would hold. It helps to stop slippage when wet
and to cushion a bit too. I looked to see if I had any of that stuff
and ran across something that seems like the same sort of thing,
which I think was something that came with a window A/C unit,
to insulate around it or seal the opening.
I cut a piece and put it on the thumb key. I liked it so much that I
decided to add a couple pieces to help hold onto the flute. I wonder
why I have a problem with this particular flute and it may be that it
was designed for people with small hands.
The pad in the upper part of the photo is for my right thumb and
makes a nice steady base. The pad on the bottom of the photo
keeps the flute from digging into the edge of my hand (another
problem I started having with this flute) and holds it in place when
I have all the fingertips on that hand off the keys.

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Re: Ton Kooiman Thumb Rest

Post by Emmyflute »

Hi all, I just wnat to say I got a thumb port last week! I love the thing! I first put it on at my lesson. The paing I'd been having with my right hand went away! It was worth the money!!!!

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Re: Ton Kooiman Thumb Rest

Post by Bo »

I have never used one and I never had problems... Only in my very first week did I have some pain in my arms, mainly for keeping the flute up in mid air for over an hour! I never felt any pain in my thumb though...

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