Muramatsu GX - Haynes Q2 - Sankyo 301

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Muramatsu GX - Haynes Q2 - Sankyo 301

Post by pfmarianof » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:50 pm

Hi everyone. I hope I'm gonna be active in here as long as the page lets me log in cause I was having lots of trouble in registering (first tried with my phone, asked me dumb questions like half of 100 and ten divided by 2, which I did obviously answered correctly but the page still refused to let me register, and the confirmation email was just not coming) and I can not login now from my phone for who knows which reasons.

I'm a flute player from Argentina, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in music, going through my third year of five. I already need to upgrade my flute since it's holding me back, I feel it. So now I will head to my main questions:

Considering my ideal of tone is a big, round, projecting and powerful one, I'm having trouble deciding which flute should I go for, between these three models I have mentioned. I have already tried the Haynes, but I was thinking on replacing the classic head for a Custom Haynes with a 14k riser. Do you think that would be worth of something? I got a pretty nice sound out of it, specially liked the articulation.

I only tried Muramatsus EX. The sound is creamy but I feel it less powerful. The thing is I have just recently tried a Sankyo RT-1 head with a 14k riser on my PEARL flute (the step up flute I will be soon replacing) and it made it sound like a complete different instrument. I just felt that I could blow my entire lungs on it and it wouldn't crack a single note. That's why I wonder how good it could sound on an actual Sankyo flute and if someone can bring me an idea on the sound quality Sankyo flutes tend to have comparing to Muramatsu. Was it the cut, or the 14k riser, the most imporant factor to give this headjoint this incredible powerful tone? Because I was thinking if it was the riser, adding it to Haynes would give me more power but I think the riser has more to do with projection.

Here is a link to a sample of 32 seconds where I try the headjoint. Please don't listen my other content, I made it years ago and I have improved since then ha. ... yoheadrt-1

Finally, I will travel to test a Mura GX and the Sankyo I mentioned. Sadly a new Sankyo with all the extras is a little out of my budget, which will be 7070 dollars at most. A new Haynes Q2 with a Custom headjoint and 14k riser would cost me 6830 (I think the company would discount me the price ofthe Classic headjoint, if I get it replaced).

I was about recently just fixed on the Muramatsu GX, but now since I didn't try it and until I do, I fear it won't be capable of such strong tone. Will it be? I mostly tend to make every flute sound powerful, but I still want to choose the perfect one for me since It is gonna be a big investment. Thank you very much

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Re: Muramatsu GX - Haynes Q2 - Sankyo 301

Post by pied_piper » Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:15 pm

Flutes are very personal choices. Any given flute can be one person's dream and another's pig. I play a Muramatsu and love it. It's the right flute for me but I would never dream of suggesting it is right for someone else. You have to try as many flutes as possible and make your own choice. As long as you stick with well-known brands you can't go wrong.
"Never give a flute player a screwdriver."

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