Mystery flute - help point me in the right direction!

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Mystery flute - help point me in the right direction!

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I got a flute at Goodwill, and I would love to know more about its history. The issue is that there is no brand. I was hoping someone here with knowledge of makers and history could help. I'll list what I know so far, but I also uploaded pictures to imgur for reference:

1. No maker's mark, but the barrel is stamped "conservatory model - Boston, mass." In simple block lettering
2. Some wear makes it appear to be made of silver plated brass, but I could be wrong on that.
3. Tone holes are not rolled and cut flat across, they didn't appear to be soldered but are the same thickness as the body when measured with digital calipers.
4. The case also has no markings, if it's even the original case. The metal cleaning rod unscrews in the middle and has a screwdriver inside.
5. The inside of the key cups were etched 1 through 13, and the adjustment screw assemblies were etched with tiny Roman numerals to match the appropriate key. Assembly line? Or apprenticeship maybe? Someone also etched "JOHN" on the underside of the stem of the thumb b flat key.
6. There's a small section near a tenon that makes it appear to be seamed tubing but I can't be sure.
7. A = 435

The headjoint is surprisingly responsive for a student flute, and key action surprisingly light.

Any ideas? I can further photograph and clarify if needed.

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