Armstrong Sterling Silver Flute

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Armstrong Sterling Silver Flute

Post by Spiritguide18 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:23 am

Hi. I am hoping for some help and guidance learning more about the flutes that I own. I am going to be selling two flutes but am finding myself a bit lost in providing all of the correct information on it and identifying a fair value to ask for.

The two flutes are identical, I think.

The markings are: W.T. Armstrong, Elkhard-Ind, 80, 34 42891. The second one has the same markings but the bottom number is 32 54751.

I took the flute to a reputable music store/repair shop and had them both looked at. The person looking at it is flute player. They are in perfect condition. No repairs were needed. Not even a pad needed to be replaced. There are no dents whatsoever and very, very minimal scratches just from regular use. You have to look for the scratches to see them. I had it cleaned and they look brand new. These flutes were very well taken care of.

Both flutes:
-engraved with "Sterling Silver" on all three pieces
-open hole
-aligned/straight keys (not off-set)
-b foot joint (the third key on the foot)
-hard inner case in perfect condition
-outer leather case that does have some usual wear but no tears, etc.

I was told that both flutes are "vintage" and can no longer be bought

While, I do want a fair price, I am looking to sell them as quickly as possible as my father is ill and I'm trying to stay home to care for him as long as possible but cash is running low.

I am going to list the flutes on eBay (where I'm an avid seller with 100% positive feedback-so I'm a trusted power seller so people may be more comfortable purchasing from me), on Reverb and Craig's List. Any other suggestions?

Any advice and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Tammie

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Re: Armstrong Sterling Silver Flute

Post by pied_piper » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:07 am

Those are Armstrong Model 80B flutes. They were decent intermediate level flutes but yes, they are not made any more.

For the serial numbers with the 34 and 32, you add 50 to get the year of manufacture. So, that indicates they were made in 1984 and 1982 respectfully.

A quick check of similar Armstrong 80B flutes with B foot and in GOOD condition shows recent eBay SOLD prices around the $400 price range.
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Re: Armstrong Sterling Silver Flute

Post by SylvreKat » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:37 am

Pied gave you what you need to know, but I'll add that my "good" flute is an Armstrong 80 (no B foot). WWBW had it listed in '82 for $1000. It's a solid player still, and I use it for my practice flute. I did have my repairman tweak the keys' action after I played a Gemi 500-something anniversary flute with keys that just flew. He did what he could to make my "20-year-old $1000 flute play like a brand-new couple-something grand flute" (his words, and he succeeded pretty well)

Is it as good as my Yami? No. But then it's 24 years older, and $4500 MSP cheaper, and nothing handmade on it.

Is it reliable and very useable even for performance? Absolutely! I'd have no qualms to play solos on it if my Yami had a last-minute issue. And I play most of the Band's concerts (outdoors) on it. In fact, it would still be my good flute if Brooke-Mays hadn't stupid-cheap close-outed the Yami. Its last time in the shop was something around 2002-4, after I played that Gemi piece of lightning. I can't recall it ever having issues where something didn't work on it. Only shop work has been pads and the voluntary key action, and an upcoming total cleaning 'cause I noticed the start of tarnish on the lip plate plus general crud around the posts.

I love my Armstrong, just in case you couldn't tell :D .

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