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Help identifying a flute.

Flute History and Instrument Purchase

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Help identifying a flute.

Postby hocuspocus » Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:50 am

Hi, I volunteer for a hospice in Sheffield, England. We've had a flute donated to sell to raise funds for the hospice. We haven't been supplied with any details and I'm having trouble identifying it. It's a wooden flute in a custom wooden case (somewhat battered). The overall weight is approx. 550 gms and I think the fittings may be silver (although there are no hallmarks). There are some faint markings on the barrel only. There is a lyre with banners on each side of it. On one side they read 'Marque Fabrique' and on the other 'Trade Mark'. It's difficult to make out anything below the lyre, although there could be intitials. I've found that the lyre is the trademark of Huller flutes, but they seem to have a scrolled 'S' through initials beneath and 'Made In Germany'. These are either not visible or not present. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you.

PS I do have photos but I can't see how to post them on this board.

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