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Looking for info on Artley 1970 8-0

Flute History and Instrument Purchase

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Looking for info on Artley 1970 8-0

Postby chevyluvnmom » Sun May 28, 2017 9:17 am

Hello, I played years ago and wanted to get back into playing again so I found a cheap flute with the original case at a pawnshop, I noticed it was stamped "silver" on all 3 pieces and and did some research, this is what I found.... It is an Artley open hole flute from Nogales, NM with the stamp 8-0 and the serial number 264255, from my own research it is a french artist model from 1970, is it pure silver? I also want to get the pads replaced, they are horrible and was quoted over $700 USD to do the job, they said it had to be hooked up to a machine because of the open holes? I do not know if that is a fair price. Can anybody tell me anything else about the flute? I believe the Nogales,NM production started in 1970 so is mine one of the first out of that factory? I appreciate any help, I am not sure whether to restore it or not....

Thank you!
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