Flute comparison help...

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Flute comparison help...

Post by vzcfernandez »

Hello, I'm trying to get into a new flute I've been on the same Yamaha YFl-281 since middle school, and I'm now in college. I'm trying to choose between a gemeinhardt 5SS, Armstrong 800BOF, or a Yamaha YFL-481... does anyone have any info on them so that I may make a better informed decision as to which one to get? Please and thank you!

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Re: Flute comparison help...

Post by Card2132 »

in my opinion,there is no contest: the Yamaha 481 is the best mechanically and has a great re-sale value .
Of course,you should try the flute before buying it and bring your teacher for an objective opinion.


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Re: Flute comparison help...

Post by SylvreKat »

My experience isn't really valid since mine are each a different level of flute besides being made years apart, too. But I can tell you all three are good players, with my Yami being the easiest to finger and the best with low notes.

And I agree with play-testing all three. While the Yami might technically be better, you might prefer one of the others. And taking along your teacher is excellent advice--s/he can listen while you play the same piece on each, and tell you which sounds better to the listener. Only thing is, if that's not the one you feel handles best for you, then you have to decide which is more important to you--how it plays for you, or how it sounds to others.

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