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old ebonite flute

Flute History and Instrument Purchase

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old ebonite flute

Postby Muckmoose » Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:30 pm

Hi all!
My name is Craig Douglas and I am in Sydney, Australia.
I have bought from a dealer in old wares in Adelaide (a small city on the south coast of Australia) what I believe to be a Rudall Carte 'Boehm's System, Rockstro's model, open G#. There are too many similarities to a 1931 catalogue to be anything else. It is also in what appears to be it's original case which is consistent with ebay photos of what would have been supplied as a case in that period. For its age it is in exceptional unrestored condition. It needs pads but from what I can play with it, it sounds great. I have gone over mine with a good light and magnifying glass, there is no clue as to who made it. My question; did Rudall Carte do stencils (badge manufacture) as did saxophone manufactures of the period? Could it be an unbranded Rudall Carte? I would love to know its origin. There is a plate on the inside lid of the case but I believe that to be the original seller in Adelaide, not the maker.

Craig Douglas

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