Buying a new Yamaha flute - in Japan?

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Re: Buying a new Yamaha flute - in Japan?

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Glad it worked out for you!!
blowtorch711 wrote:Just got back a few hours ago. Short version: all went well.

I bought a new YFL-517 (hand-made in Japan for the Japan market, closed hole, C-foot, silver Am headjoint) in Tokyo last week, for less than half of what a 500-series Yamaha would have cost me here at home in the US. It plays very nicely, and already sounds better than my old Armstrong 104. I tested several YFL517s for almost 2 hours in a relatively quiet room in the music shop, picked one, bought it, and had no hassles at all - it was easy (even though nobody in the shop spoke any English). I didn't really get a chance to play it much for the rest of the time we were in Japan (out of consideration for neighbors in adjoining hotel rooms and my long-sufferering wife - plus we had a busy schedule). Had no trouble getting it back to the US, no questions asked, it was a breeze. Got home a few hours ago, just played the new flute for an hour or so, it's quite nice. Great buying experience, glad I did it.

Thanks for the advice here. I'd recommend this option to those going to/through Japan - can save a bundle and get a nice horn. :D

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Re: Buying a new Yamaha flute - in Japan?

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I was searching for info about buying flutes in Japan. I am also considering doing this (within the next several days) I'm wondering if you could tell me where you bought it... when I look at the Japanese Yamaha site the prices look very comparable to prices in USA and Canada. You said you got your flute for about half the cost. I actually am also looking for a Yamaha 500 series flute. would you be able to tell me what the actual cost was for your flute? and where you bought it? (i.e. which store)
Thanks so much in advance
I appreciate any info you can offer

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