Which flute?

Flute History and Instrument Purchase

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Which flute?

Post by JennyB » Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:02 am

I have just been told by my daughters flute teacher that i need to upgrade her flute. She is nearly 10, and working on grade 3. I have narrowed it down to two....

1) yamaha 311
Immaculate condition. Bought from new, played for approx half a year then has sat in box for the last 28 year. £350 (plus £125 for service and new pads, from our local music shop).

2) Yamaha 371 (with plugs)
As new, except for tiny (barely noticeable) dink on the underneath of the mouthpiece.
2 years old. £450

Which would you buy and why?
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Which flute?

Post by Gandalfe » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:41 am

What does the teacher recommend? If it were my child I'd go with the newer instrument hoping it would last longer. Both of those instruments are fine instruments. If you ask the teacher, I'd love to hear what is recommended.
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Re: Which flute?

Post by fluteguy18 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:58 am

They're very similar instruments in all honesty. Very similar. Maybe a difference in material because Yamaha changed their numbering system a while back, but probably very similar otherwise. I'd probably buy the newer one and then have it run through the repair shop to address any issues. And I'd shop around for a repair facility. Sometimes the local guy is great. Sometimes... not so much. Ask around.

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