I need advice on flute brands

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I need advice on flute brands

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Hello all, I am new to the forum and I was just wondering if I could get some opinions on some flutes. First of all, I am majoring in music education and minoring in music performance for college. I currently play on a Sonare SF 5000 that I purchased back in 2004, and I'm wanting to upgrade to a new flute. Now I know I need to try out different flutes in order to figure out which one I like the best, but are there any particular brands I should stay away from? So far I have tried the Pearl 665 and the Pearl 765 models. I do like both of them, but I liked the 665 better. I am going to be looking at a Pearl 695 RBCD and I have learned that the 695 differs due to an in-line G and no split E mechanism. Also, I know the headjoint for the 695 is a FORZA headjoint. <--- Does anyone have any opinions about this particular headjoint? I have also tried an Armstrong Flute and a Cannonball (?) and I did NOT like either of these flutes AT ALL!! My max price I can spend is $1700 dollars. Also, the Sonare I have has an in-line G and no split E mechanism which is just fine with me, on the flutes I've tried with the split e mechanism the bar seems to be in the way of my right hand . Any information/suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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Re: I need advice on flute brands

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megs22786 wrote:My max price I can spend is $1700 dollars. Any information/suggestions would be much appreciated!! :lol:
First of all, for that kind of money, no flute you buy will be much of a upgrade to what you already have unless you buy used. What I would do for that kind of money is get the flute serviced, then try some different headjoints. In flute dollars, I think that will take you farther than a new flute. At least from where you are at now. A good COA/Overhaul and a new headjoint can work wonders.

That being said, I like Pearl Flutes better than any of the Sonares. If you want something different, then I think for the money, the Pearls you looked at are a good choices. I use to own the 665, but it was stolen before I could get the headjoint I wanted. Still, but not necessarily an upgrade.

Most people like the Forza headjoint. I like the Forte better. But that is a matter of preference. You will just have to play on one and see for your self. The Forte requires more control than the Forza. Although, I can play that same articulations on both at about the same level.

Another honorable mention is the Jupiter 600 or 700 series. These are also impressive for the price. The Jupiter 711 goes for $1300-1400 lately.

I am sure others will chime in!


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