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Re: Flute Donation Campaign

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That is truly marvelous. It's great that there are still people like Joe and Zevang who are willing to help those in need!
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Re: Flute Donation Campaign

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That is a simply beautiful story. Zevang-Joe Butky positioned for such a time as this. Superabundant grace.
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Re: Flute Donation Campaign

Post by Zevang »

JButky wrote:I just wanted to follow up on this story.
When I first saw Zevang's post, I forwarded it to Altus/Azumi to see if anything could be done to help this young man. They were able to get in touch with him and he sent an email. I am pleased to announce that we replaced his flute so that he may continue.
Please see this correspondence from Altus / Azumi from Japan. (Please pardon the english translation...)
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Srkr ... sp=sharing
Thanks everyone for bringing this to our attention!
Dear Joe,

I was out for some weeks and did not manage to see this message. That's why I come so late to respond it.

I am so, so happy that you could to that! And also that Altus understood the situation and could think of this as a way not only to help Karar but also to show to the world that this is the thing to do! Let's help whenever possible without giving any second thoughts about profits!
The closure itself for this situation is actually in my opinion the best possible advertisement for the brand, showing that humanity is still in shape.

I have also to thank all of you that were vibrating with this campaign, also to Bob (pied_piper) that tried to help in his best way.

I had not understood why Karar kept saying me that he needed no help any more. He could not tell me in proper English what had occurred. Now I can understand that this was way bigger than I thought!

Thanks so much Joe!!! And please direct it to Altus Flutes also. I feel like it was me that have received a new flute! :-)

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