Piccolo questions

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Piccolo questions

Post by c_otter »


I'm thinking about buying a piccolo. First, I'm looking for recommendations in the $1000 to $2000 price range. Unfortunately, none of the music stores here have much of a selection of piccolos.

Here's my current list
Yamaha YPC-62 and YPC-82 - Is there much of a difference?
Seaman - Does this piccolo have the same intonation issues as
the other gemeinhardts?
Emerson Boston Legacy - Comments on Ironwood vs. Grenadilla?
Burkart Phelan Global

Any comments on the above? Any other brands/models I should consider?

I've heard you're supposed to 'break-in' new wood instruments. Any comments for piccolos?


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Post by Phineas »

Emerson Boston Legacy is the best wood piccolo in the price range you mentioned! Have played on the Rosewood and the Grenadilla models.

Yamahas are cool, but they cost too much!

>Seaman - Does this piccolo have the same intonation issues as
>the other gemeinhardts?

Burkart Phelan Global are great piccolos, but not as good as the Emerson.

Just me opinion of course.


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Post by fluttiegurl »

I agree 100% with Phineas. I have played a Boston Legacy for several concerts, and am in love with it! Unfortunately, it is not my piccolo and I don't play enough to justify buying one. However, if I did buy one, it would be from this line.

My second choice is the Yamaha, but as stated, they are far more expensive for no more quality.

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Post by c_otter »

Thanks for the advice.

I tried Burkart Phelan Global, Emerson Boston Legacy in both Ironwood and Grenadilla, and a Hammig.

I found the Boston Legacies easier to play than the Global. It's been a while since I've played much piccolo so that could have been a factor. I had a hard time deciding whether I liked the ironwood or Grenadilla Boston Legacies. After getting a few opinions, I decided that I (& others) like the Ironwood slightly better.

I ended up getting the Hammig. (Be VERY careful about trying instruments that are more than you are thinking of spending.) It's was even easier to play quietly than the Legacies. It was better in tune with itself and had a smooth mechanism.

I did get a better sound out of the Hammig than the Boston legacies, but not by leaps and bounds. In general, I got a good tone with the Boston legacies. I think the real difference in the Hammig is that there's more flexibility for me to develop better tone colors.

I finally decided to go with the Hammig because I'm much more likely to enjoy playing an instrument that I can control the pitch and dynamics enough not to be annoying. I just finished trying different headjoints and have decided on the wave.

I've got a concert on Thursday with a pic solo. If I can get a compliment from the professor, it will definitely be worth the extra money.


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Post by amhso »

if you play outdoors too...you might not want to buuy a wooden one. it'll ruin really fast. if you always play indoors (as in not in marching band) then get a wooden piccolo, the sound is just a lot better. or else go for a full plastic for outdoor playing.. metal ones getout of tune very fast, especially in outdoor weather.

*edit* well maybe scratch that, metal is okay for outdoors too. cuz i just thought...well weather doesnt change outdoors that fast, so temperatures usually stay the same you just need to tune. and (in cold weather) you might get over sharp...so then you'll have to practice a lot at home to play tuned in all the time and slowly bring the headjoint in to be more..i guess sharp but learn to play in tune when you push the headjoint in more to sort of "emulate" playing outside too cuz tuning goes out.

if that made any sense.

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