Conical vs. Cylindrical

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Conical vs. Cylindrical

Post by FltnPicc_David »

What's the difference between the two? How do they differ in intonation, scale, etc of the piccolo. Which is better? :?

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Post by Band_Geek »

There are piccolos shaped like cones?

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Post by Starqle »

Band_Geek, they're not shaped exactly like cones. ... al/k01.htm has a picture of a wooden conical bore picc as well as a cylindrical metal picc and explains a bit about the difference.

David, conical piccs have better intonation, a more even tone, make some notes easier to play, have a more accurate scale, and are less shrill. Because of this, professionals tend to prefer them. Some doublers (people who play both flute and picc) prefer the cylindrical bore picc as they are more similar to flutes. I play both and don't have a problem going back and forth between my conical picc and cylindrical flute.

I’ve never heard anyone talk about this, but I wonder if it would be wise to get the same bore as the other player if there are two picc playing. I know it’s virtually impossible to get a cylindrical and a conical fife to play in tune together, but maybe piccs don’t have this problem as much... who knows.
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Post by Phineas »

Always just an instrument by how it plays, the quality of it, and how it sounds.

I have pics of both type that play and sound great.


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