Carnival of the animals...

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Carnival of the animals...

Post by wackiejackiexox »

So I'm auditioning on this piece in less than 4 months. Any tips? Should I use alternate fingerings? let me know

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Re: Carnival of the animals...

Post by MathWizard »

I'm going to be mostly referring to "Voliere" as that is the piece that is usually used when a flutist is referring to carnival of the animals.

Using alternate fingerings is a must. This is usually just the trill fingerings. For example, even the first set of 32nd notes you should use a trill fingering on. From the D3 to E3 you should finger the D3 and lift up your left ring finger when going to the E3. I could go on explaining every trill and all but I'm guessing that since your advanced enough to be auditioning for something that requires this piece then you know all those trills already.

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