microphone to record music on

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microphone to record music on

Post by valencyna »

I need help purchasing a reasonably priced microphone to record music on? I want a reasonably priced microphone to record both voice and instrumentals on. What's the cheapest microphone that will still give me good sound quality?
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Re: microphone to record music on

Post by fingerbun »

It depends what you call good sound quality and reasonable price.

Some questions that might help work out what you need.

Do you have a recording setup and you are just looking for a mic or do you need a complete recording setup? Will you have phantom power or not? (If you don't have it many microphones are immediately ruled out). Are you only recording voice and flute or other instruments as well? Are you looking to release the recordings, to multitrack for your own pleasure, or record yourself so you can work on your technique?

Meantime, a few options that can give you something to think about:
  • For recording practice I use the voice recorder on my ipod touch.
  • Roland makes a couple of recorders - have a look at this: http://www.rolandcorp.com.au/products/p ... spx?p=1077
  • The usual standard in general purpose instrument mics is the Shure SM57. It's vocal equivalent is the Shure SM58
  • If that is too expensive a cheaper option is the Behringer XM8500
  • If you want to go up market a bit, a couple of entry level studio mikes (that will need phantom power) are the Audio Technica 2020 and the Rode NT1A.
If you want to look at those and comment on what you do and don't like about them that might help to advise you further.

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Re: microphone to record music on

Post by Zevang »

I have two SM57s. Wonderful mic indeed!
I use them with a IO2 device that take them both into a USB interface wired to my notebook.

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