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Post by vice » Wed Feb 04, 2004 9:05 pm

I''ve been playing the flute for a while now (got my grade 8
last year), and I know im good. But im not great; this is, as I see it, largely
due to lack of practice on my part. For the past couple years my progress (at
least in terms of sound quality) has been very slow. So here''s my question:
If i really want to take my playing to the next level, how much time should I be
putting in every day? Right now Im basically doing 15-30 minutes/practice, 3-4
times a week. I know this isn''t enough to really improve, but i want to know
how much I need to be doing. thanks

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Post by minsmusic » Wed Feb 04, 2004 10:10 pm

Welcome Vice [:)] You'll find some really good advice here.
Check out the forum in Basics and Practise, there's some opinions expressed
there about how long you should practise. I've only been playing the flute for
three days!!!![:p] Really enjoying it. I teach piano, keyboard and singing in my
studio in Australia. I often tell my students it's not how long you practise
but HOW you practise WHAT you practise and how consistent you are. It's also
important to determine exactly what you want to improve. Is it a particular
piece, overall technique, dynamic control, expression, sight reading, fluency?
All of the above (hee hee) I agree with you that 15/30 minutes 3 or 4 times a
week is a bare minimum at the level you've achieved. I'd try increasing the
same amount of time to EVERY day, keep to the 30 minutes and gradually work up.
The more organised you get (i.e. work out exactly what you want to improve) the
more you'll probably find it a challenge and want to practise. Set yourself
small easily achievable goals, then larger long term goals and an overall
specific goal - "I want to be ale to achieve the end of ...." 'Getting
better' sometimes doesn't give you the exact direction you need for progress.
Write your goals down. Keep a journal or tell someone (whatever works) That way
you'll feel you have a sense of committment. Let us know how it goes. See you
around the forums.[;)]
learning Happy playing Happy being!

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Post by fluteluversmom » Wed Feb 04, 2004 11:24 pm

[quote] Write your goals down. Keep a journal or tell someone
(whatever works) That way you'll feel you have a sense of committment. [/quote]
My daughter does something similiar with her practice time. She created a
spreadsheet for her practice schedule. Some things stay the same on the chart
from week to week and some things she changes depending on what her lesson
teacher gives her and what she feels she needs to work on. She uses an egg timer
to keep track of her time and the smaller increments allow her to take a break
and not get burnt out on one thing. For instance this week for each day she has:
10 minutes scales 10 minutes school lesson 10 minutes private lesson assignment
10 minutes of fun songs 30 minutes on the song that she is working on. Next week
she will change how she practices her scales as far as tonguing and slurring.
Her school requires that they practice at least 30 minutes a day. I agree that
it is not just the time you spend practicing but how effectively you are
practicing. Kim
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Post by embum79 » Thu Feb 05, 2004 12:49 pm

I don't think there's any set rule as to how much you should
practice. Generally (although it seems obvious) the more you practice, the
better you will get! It just depends on how much time you have during the day,
and how much time you are willing to put in. For some people, a half hour is all
they can handle each day. For others, 3 hours is perfect. In my experience, the
best thing you can do is make sure you practice every day, regardless of how
much time you put in. This will make flute-playing a routine, and something that
comes second nature to you. When you were a baby, just learning to walk, you
didn't get good at it by trying it a couple times a week. You practiced it
every single day, getting better each time. Flute playing (or any instrument) is
no different. By working at it every day, you will see improvement in no time at
all, and playing will become like an extention of yourself.

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Post by DrMalone » Sun Feb 29, 2004 7:56 pm

Before you determine how much time you should practice, I
believe you should also answer these questions: 1. What are your flute goals?
What do you want to accomplish? 2. What do you do well on the flute today--what
are your strengths? 3. Where could you really stand to improve on the flute?
Until you can answer those questions you don't A: Have a motivation to
practice; B: Don't know what to practice; C: Will only do crazy "shots in the
dark" hoping that you'll somehow improve. Once you can answer those three
questions, you'll be better able to find a teacher (which I would recommend),
put together a specific plan for your improvement, measure your progress against
your goals, and ultimately achieve your goals. Success to you.

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