Darn those Drums!

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Darn those Drums!

Post by FlutieParana »

Lol Hey people,
The drums tend to "over power" the band and sometimes the whole band will get punished. They think too much of themselfs in my opinion. Not to offend anyone who playes the drums. Does this happen to any other band?

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Post by Collin »

I think your talking about school band, and I've been through that experience as well. I'm just happy when we play a slow song, and all the drums consists of is a triangle :P ! The band I'm in usually doesn't have that problem, with the exceptions of bass drum and timpani somtimes. :wink:
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Post by Kendall »

Most school bands have that problem. Especially in middle school. But it's usually because there are just too many drummers. In orchestras theres never more than 4 drummers

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Post by 9Shuko »

well, our flute choir had 1 drummer, and he overpowered the whole choir.
not good...
maybe you could just tell the drummer to use a little less cymbals...
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Post by MeLizzard »

Ya know, there are reasons for all those jokes that circulate...Whaddaya call those people that carry sticks and hang out with musicians? etc. There are actual percussionists (many of whom are extremely musical) out there, but maybe not enough to salvage the whole species, lol. :lol: It may also stem from the fact that, in easier band literature (not Ives or Colgrass or Corigliano), played in junior- and most senior-high bands, many percussion parts are EXTREMELY simple and almost boring compared to some of the wind parts. :shock: What are they gonna do back there besides make the most (read: loudest) of their quarter-note part, or just cut up and cause behavior problems?!? Our high-school directors solved this problem by putting those nuts (highly-proficient musicians, actually) in their own class period, in which they, quickly, learned their band parts, then moved on to regular rehearsal of fairly-demanding percussion ensemble literature. Boredom solved, although this then necessitated time on concerts just for them (they're still great, they deserve this), and extra after-school rehearsals to put the winds and percussion together. Oh, well, the band that plays together...I dunno, stays outta jail together? :D

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Post by notootsieno »

I'm not sure if you're talking about the drummers' playing overpowering the band's sound, or about their attitudes. About the playing, that happened a lot when I was in middle school, but now it doesn't really happen....bigger band I guess. As for the attitude...some (notice I said some, not all) drummers tend to be slightly egostical, maybe because of all the attention they get for just being drummers. lol. Plus now it seems like being a drummer these days is the "cool" thing to do...like, the snare drum (and the whole drumline for that matter) is starting to be incorporated into pop/hip hop music. I mean, that's cool and all, but sometimes I just want to tell the drummers at my school to get over themselves! lol.

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Post by MeLizzard »

No relief in sight, I'm afraid---at every beginning band instrument demo, and sign-up, unless other instruments (um, trombone and clarinet, anyone?) are artfully marketed, every kid but two wants to play drums or sax! :!: P.S. I tink the playing and the attitudes are inextricably linked. If they're back in the back of the room with relatively simple parts, the parts will be quickly mastered (leading to boredom and then behavior issues), and the "easy" mastery will allow them all to feel incredibly superior to the wind players, lol. Add that to the director constantly saying their names (to get them to shut up), and ...well, we see where this is going... :D How could they feel less than very important?

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Post by biggzh »

oh, just like my choir problem.... (I'm a male soprano, our lower voices always overpower the higher ones... choir teacher wants me to sing tenor, adding to the problem x2- I can't sing tenor for the life of me and I can project very well, so we have a problem....)

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