How to play flute with braces?

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How to play flute with braces?

Post by fluterr3 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:18 pm


So I've been playing flute for about 3 years and a bit, and I think I'm a fairly good flute player. But, I recently got braces. Ever since I got them, I have not been able to play a single sound on my flute. I have tried to play by changing the shape of my mouth, and have looked up how to play the flute with braces online, but I haven't found anything that helped me. I don't know anyone else who has this problem, and everyone tells me that I should just keep trying but it doesn't work. I can't keep trying if I have nothing to go on. Does anyone know how to play flute with braces? I haven't been able to get a single sound out, and there's a concert in about 2 weeks now. Please, give me some tips on how to play my flute with my braces on.

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Re: How to play flute with braces?

Post by fluting4ever » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:09 pm

when i had braces, i found it easier to roll out. it was alot of practice because you're essentially adding another layer between you and the flute so the embrochure will change. Since your concert is so soon, I would just recommend practicing often because it takes a while to get used to playing with braces. Good luck!

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