Help me with this song I'm playing for Honors!

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Help me with this song I'm playing for Honors!

Post by JasonTongRulz »

In this song I'm playing in my Band, the Flutes have a 3 bar High C-D trill with the metronome at 66. I can barely hold this for the 1 bar let alone all three!!!

The song, Pines of the Appian Way or Pini Della Via Appia by Otto Respighi is in the link above.

The trill starts at about 3:55 in the video above...

Our section leader can play it all on one breath but it does seem to have tone quality sacrificed... We have tried asking him to Stagger Breathe with us but he refuses... Should we continue to stagger breathe and allow him to struggle on that trill? Or should we also try and play it in one breath with him?

Also immediately after the trill there is a flourish of 32nd notes from the 2nd Octave B Natural all the way up to the Bb in the 3rd octave...

This song is really difficult! Particularly the Flourish as no-one in my section can play it! Thankfully we all land at the Bb at the same time though but the piece loses its sparkle without the clear and clean flourish!

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Re: Help me with this song I'm playing for Honors!

Post by Zevang »

The concept of SECTION, to me at least, is a group or players who work together to obtain the best possible result.

With this in mind I'd say you should propose to your section a conversation about this. At the end, one you would all be committed to try by practicing and learning (what about the leader teaching you?) play the whole phrase in one breath, or two you would convince your leader that the GROUP needs a solution and that he IS part of this and therefore all members should try to do the stagger breathe.

Simple as that, IMHO.

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Re: Help me with this song I'm playing for Honors!

Post by wkzh »

A month late, but oh well.

I'd say staggering is a better idea, but... circular breathing is best! My section can do some masterful staggering, I have no idea how they do it, (I play the piccolo most of the time, you see.) but oftentimes, you can't really tell that they're staggering.

I think the trill's less important thant the flourish. What we sometimes do is... well... if you've enough flautists... fake parts: some trill, some play the flourish. It's a last resort, really, but what's most important is that the musical effect is achieved and that you enjoy performing it.

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