For Those Who Need Fingering Charts

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For Those Who Need Fingering Charts

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There are many a question on the forums about
trill fingerings and alternate fingerings for the flute, so I have decided to
post some links that you can refer to without having to ask for fingerings on
solitary notes and trills in separate threads. (Book mark the following pages.)
Fingering Diagrams by Gemeinhardt
Flute Fingering Chart (main page with following links) Trill Chart All the fingerings apply to the
piccolo minus B1-C#1 and D#4-D4 since the piccolo doesn''t have the lower
register keys that the flute has on the foot joint. For alternate fingerings,
you can use the trill fingering alternates from the fingering charts by
distinguishing the notes by ear or by the color coding: the keys filled in black
correspond to the first note and the key(s) filled in red correspond to the
second (lower trill) note. Although the trill notes are alternate fingerings and
not commonly used, I suggest not to adjust your fingerings to trill fingerings
as some of the notes registered with the trill fingerings aren''t exactly in
tune to the regular fingering. I hope that helps with your pursuits of better
flute/piccolo playing!

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