Technique book

Alternate Fingerings, Scales, Tone, Studies, etc.

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Technique book

Post by beka2525 »

I need something that has trills and etudes..any recommendations?

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Post by fluttiegurl »

The Rubank series is pretty inclusive. The advanced book 1 has several trill exercises as well as a number of etudes. I know there are others, but this one always comes to mind.

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Post by amir »

Marcel moice, is so great for improving tecnique but it,s more like scales and arpegies and doesnt have melody, especially in book1,and it has also book 2,3 that have a little melody.
you can also try a tune a day, it has 2 books,and have etudes ,and famous short pieces from all composers.

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Post by piccolo1991 »

I use:
Taffenal & Gaubert:Method 2 (scale/arpeggio/chord exercises, two sections of etudes, some orchestral excerpts...)
Moyse:Exercises Journaliers (scale/arpeggio/chord exercises with a recommended daily practice order going over a month)
Anderson etudes
Karg-Elert (more modern etudes)

Some of my students use:
Reichert-7 daily exercises
Cavally- Progressive and Melodious studies (collection from a bunch of different composers)
Rubank series is good too

Hope some of that helps!


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