FAST Double Tonguing...

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FAST Double Tonguing...

Post by flutist »

Actually i can do fast double tounguing when im playing da same note...
But when it comes 2 playin pieces, my tongue tend 2 be inaccurate with my fingers...
Any ideas bout how 2 practice? which exercises are better 4 double tonguing?... :D

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Post by powayflute01 »

Make sure that you can play the passage accurately single tounging slow or fast. Then try practicing the passages double tounging VERY SLOWLY at first, with a metronome. Then, reverse the double tounging (rather than tu ku tu ku, use ku tu ku tu). This should help.
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Post by Kendall »

Try it all with the second sound(KU or GU) I learned this at a masterclass with Susan Gall

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Post by embum79 »

Another thing you can try is to instead of starting a particular passage on the first note and ending on the last note, try starting on the second note and playing straight through and then loop around to the first note again. Then start on the third note, etc. This will really exercise your mind, so you aren't always thinking the same notes are on the same beats all the time. It forces you to think about every single note.

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