When did you start playing your flute?

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Post by Freemanflutist07 »

the summer of 5th-6th grade
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Post by Marie »

I just had my first flute lesson today and I am 38. (will be 39 very soon) I played tenor sax in high school tho not very well. I played for fun. My daughter has been playing flute for 2 years. I look forward to playing duets with her. :-)

I guess this makes me the biggest newbie on the board!

Phineas, I did 6 years in the USMC myself. Ooh Rah!
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Post by Serpentine »

I am 17 and have been playing my flute 11 years. I have been playing Alto and Piccolo for 2 years.

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Post by cosmogrl »

i started this topic hahahah i forgot my password

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Post by GKevinK »

I started my first lessons at the age of 7, and took lessons for 5 years. That was 40 years ago. In my school district if you wanted to stay in band past 8th grade, you were required to be in the marching band. By that point I had already participated in a parade drum corps (playing snare) in the summers, and didn't want any parts of marching with the flute... so that was the end of my formal flute playing at the time. I enjoyed orchestra, but didn't want to march with the flute, and wasn't trained to read drum music so I couldn't switch to drum to march.

I was also interested in learning to play bass guitar at the time, but that also wasn't offered in school... so it never went anywhere.

5 years ago, I finally decided to take action on the bass guitar. Took lessons for 3 years, and have been in the band behind a local singer-songwriter now for 4 years. For some reason, though, lately I have been thinking that it would be fun to resurrect my flute playing. Today I made a deal on a new Yamaha intermediate-level flute (looking to step up from my long-ago student Gemeinhardt)... so I guess I'm ready for takeoff.

In the hour or so I've been playing today... I've been amazed at how much more musically trained my ears are now than they were when I was playing as a youth. There is a world of nuance I can hear now that I just wasn't particularly sensitive to back then. I can probably attribute this mostly to my years as an audiophile hobbyist. I dont' ever remember having as much of the sensation of feeling of the sound resonating on my fingertips either.

I'm also lucky to have retained most of my hearing acuity so far... I can still hear the 15.75 kHz oscillator of TVs, as well as those gimmick ring-tones that they have out now that only people under 30 are supposed to be able to hear. This is especially nice, since I did spend many years as a club DJ back in the 70's and 80's.

Enough rambling, I suppose.

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Post by mtms5467 »

Since 5th grade, when I was 10. Now I'm 13 and in 8th grade

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Post by cflutist »

1968 - 1974, stopped playing for 15 years,
then started up again in 1989 - present.


Post by shortandsilly »

I started in sixth grade...and I am in tenth now...I don't EVER plan on quitting either(:

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