Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Post by Becky »

I've noticed a few posts on how to 'do' a vibrato. I was just wondering, is there anyone else who hasn't had to 'learn' how to do it? I've never had to actually learn how. It just....comes. And if I don't want it it just......stops. Am I doing it wrong???? The vibrato seems to be full and rich.
Just wondering if you all think it can come naturally, or if it must be learnt. Is there anyone out there in my shoes?

Becky x

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Post by Kendall »

Yes, that's exactly how everything started for me. I guess it's because I didn't take lessons I just practiced what I heard from accomplished flautists(CDs, etc.) Then it came naturally. I liked what I heard so I contined with it.

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Post by nicki_flute »

I have never been taught it, I don't know whether I do it, I think I do sometimes :S

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Post by embum79 »

I think it goes both ways. I also just picked it up.. and thought I was doing something wrong. Then through private lessons I was able to really fine-tune my vibrato.

But I know people who have basically started from scratch too, and can be taught.

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Post by MonikaFL »

Becky, I naturally picked up vibrato as well... but I could either turn it on or turn it off - no in between, no colors. In college I learned the vibrato exercises, and that put ME in control of the vibrato. Now that I know/feel what muscles are involved, I can actually vary the vibrato depending on the passage of music. This has really opened up opportunities to be more expressive! :D
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Post by powayflute01 »

I have a friend who did the natural vibrato thing-- I never got the hang of it, so I just sort of mimicked people. I think we got into this in another convo thread... whether doing it with your diaphram or your throat is better. I actually like the throat better-- I feel like I have more control. And recently I learned some vibrato exercises, so now I have ultimate control over my vibrato.
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