Help with 'Free as a bird' by the beetles

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Help with 'Free as a bird' by the beetles

Post by smodtactical47 »

Hey guys Im trying to play this song according to the below sheet music.


Now in a video of this song at 44 seconds you can hear an extra flourish just before the main theme high octave G

I can't find the notes for that flourish anywhere. Any idea what notes are played there?


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Re: Help with 'Free as a bird' by the beetles

Post by Gandalfe »

It's a simple lick that's basically Bb, F, A, Eb, F. Nice Vid by the way. BTW it's Beatles.

Trivia: I grabbed my sax cuz it was on the stand and It's easier on my alto sax at G, D, F, C, D. 8)
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