I can't play the very highest C!!!!

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I can't play the very highest C!!!!

Post by krzymunkey »

I need a little help. I just had a private
lesson, but he raised the price so i stopped using him, so he isn''t teaching
me anymore. I got another one for fridays, starting this friday; please give
some advice! Thanks alot.. I cant play c without making a ppppppp sound, my lips
need to close so much, i don''t know how without a teacher. thanks!!!
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I can't play the very highest C!!!!

Post by flute friend »

This happens to me tooo my lips get so
close that they vibrat and make a bad sound if you practice the note ever day
for 30 minutes your lips shoud get used to being so close and your lips will be
able to handle the presure [;)]

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