Trying New Sounds, I got one

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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Trying New Sounds, I got one

Post by nhacchuongdoc » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:37 am

Hey, Hey! I fond a new sound. Well new to me. If you cover the first three or four holes and hold a note, then take your right hand and run your fingers back and forth over the lower holes you get a special twill or roll. Do it fast enough and you sound like a woodpecker. If you're fast enough you can incorporate it into a song. Run your fingers over the upper higher notes the same way and you get a cricket chirp. Sounds funny and is great fun. Has anyone ever tried this?

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Re: Trying New Sounds, I got one

Post by Gandalfe » Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:18 am

I love exploring flutters, cluck tongue, weird trills, and multiphonics. Multiphonics can be fun too. A multiphonic is an extended technique on a monophonic musical instrument (one which generally produces only one note at a time) in which several notes are produced at once. This includes wind, reed, and brass instruments, as well as the human voice. Incorporating it into your music can make your solo unique and interesting.
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