bad re-pad?

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bad re-pad?

Post by aparimana »

hello folks, i''ve just had my flute repadded i knew it needed
repadding cos i was having to squeeze quite hard to get a clear tone below about
E or D its much better now i have it back, but i still have to squeeze a bit to
get a really clear D i know this is a bit subjective, but should i have to
squeeze AT ALL? surely i should just be able to lightly hold the keys down and
get just as clear a note as if i squeeze? many thanks for your thoughts! ap

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bad re-pad?

Post by damjan »

You should just take your flute back to get the pads
re-adjusted. It is normal for new pads to fall out of place after a bit of
playing and they just need to be repositioned. I had to do the exact same thing
and I took it back twice for re-adjustment (and you shouldn't really put any
extra pressure on the keys to get the sound, it should be the sme for all keys).
Good luck.
Damjan, --- Teacher

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