Problem with low F

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Problem with low F

Post by Korbflechter » Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:05 pm

I've been playing the flute for about five months. I've been learning by myself with the aid of videos and methods. I've managed, after what seemed like forever, to have a good tone, although I can't sustain it for a long time yet. I've got a problem though with my low F. It sounds way too airy. At first, I suspected it was my bad playing and ,since low notes require a little more air to be produced(well if I'm not mistaken), I tried blowing a bit more. However, there seems to be no problem with my low E or D. My 2nd octave F is ok if overblown. So, with a little information I have about flute problems, I suspect a leak. Is it possible for a leak to affect only my F and not E and D? I'm asking just in case there is something I may have missed before taking it to an expert for a repair(in fact before starting gathering money for the repair).Thanks in advance,

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Re: Problem with low F

Post by pied_piper » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:21 pm

Korbflechter wrote:Is it possible for a leak to affect only my F and not E and D?
Yes, absolutely. The right hand stack of keys have many interactions and it is very possible that the F key is not adjusted properly to close the F# key. The E and D keys also close the F# key, so the F/F# could be out of adjustment while the E and D adjustments are OK. If you can play the E and D, but not F, it is likely that the F/F# adjustment needs some attention by a flute technician. If that's the only problem, it is an easy fix. However, it is common that when one key is out of adjustment, so are others. Without realizing it, you may be pressing harder on some keys to compensate for leaking pads or adjustment problems. All the pads should seal with a light touch of the appropriate key(s). A flute tech can evaluate the problems and provide you with an estimate to get your flute back in good playing condition.
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