New to flute

Basics of Flute Playing, Tone Production and Fingerings

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New to flute

Post by Filip »

Hello I''ve just bought a flute. Have no experience, where do I
start? I intend to buy a book about the subject, and request advice from you
experienced guys. I''ve never played flute before, but I know notes and play
the guitar, and I''m just wondering if it''s possible to learn to play
without a teacher? Maybe you would give me some advice?

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New to flute

Post by damjan »

Dear Filip, The video lessons and lesson plans at are designed to give you the correct basic information to get
started and learn to play. Without a teacher, you need to get the correct
information and video is better than a book because you can actually see what
the teacher is showing you. Also, you get access to some exercises with audio
clips, etc. The membership would be a good investment for a beginner. So
basically, start with getting some source of information. If you decide to go
only with a book, have a flute player show you things like embochure, how to
hold the instrument, how to play in different registers, etc. it is important to
learn these basics correctly right away. It is hard to fix later. Good luck with
your playing. It is nice to have you here.
Damjan, --- Teacher

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