Chair auditions

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Chair auditions

Post by flutietootie85 » Fri Mar 14, 2003 5:46 pm

Ok I had chair auditions today for concert band. 3 weeks
ago I was moved up to first flute I worked really hard to leanr it all
but when it came test time I got really nervous and messed up a little..that
cost me my first flute. Now i have the same music only all lower and no melody
at all..and I dont know what to do I''m so frusterated I got moved down after
my hopes were up after getting I''m havign so much trouble learning
my new part since I have the old one stuck in my head. ANy ideas how i can learn
it easier?
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Chair auditions

Post by sweetensour » Fri Mar 14, 2003 6:36 pm

it's totally fine that you didn't get to be first
flute, sometimes the non-first flute part sounds the koolest! just try to think
of positives. that way you won't get too stressed out over getting a lower
position than you wanted. are you guys allowed to 'challenge' the person above
you and try to work your way up? a couple of the bands at my school did that,
which gave some people an opportunity to get a higher seat. well anyway, don't
be so bummed, i TOTALLY understand how you feel! keep practicing and you'll be
fine. : )

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Chair auditions

Post by BandSlave » Fri Mar 14, 2003 11:24 pm

Hello there fellow band member! About your chair
auditions, don't be so sad, just as Sweetensour said, the second flute part is
usually a thousand times cooler when you play with the whole band, you also get
closer with the rest of your section, if you're always in the front, you don't
get to know the other flutists around you! On the subject of learning your new
music, you'll be fine, just make suer you practice the correct parts of your
music, that is, don't practice things you can play easily, spend time on the
runs and harder rhythems in the piece. Go over them slowly 10 times IN A ROW,
even if you get to 9 and you mess up on 10, start at 1 again, that's what I do,
it's really repetitious and boring, but it gets stuff in your fingers for good!
After you have it 10 times at a nice speed, do it 10 more times at a faster
speed, etc. It's a boring, long (condensed, not like days and days), and
repetitive way to practice, but the best way to practice things in a smaller
amount of time, or so I have found. Good luck on everything and do not be
discouraged, band is truly wonderful and playing second flute gives you the
beautiful harmony that I miss sometimes. It's a wonderful thing to be in band,
no matter whether you are first chair or twentieth chair, have flute pride! I
know you'll work your hardest and become the best flutist you can be, I believe
in you! Have fun and rock on, Abby[::)]

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Chair auditions

Post by flutietootie85 » Sat Mar 15, 2003 12:43 pm

I dont think we can challenge others..but I'm not sure
becasue it's never been done this year..that'd be cool if we could though!
Thanks for the advice and all![:)]
-Doctors may save life, but musicians make life worth living-

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Chair auditions

Post by Becky » Mon Jun 09, 2003 3:23 pm

Well Done for getting first chair in the first place!
Thats an acheivement as it is! I could never do that. All the parts are
important so don't worry at least you are still a part of making this wonderful
music :) Becky xXxXx
hee!!! Look at the pic! I love that image, it cracks me up every

flute friend
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Chair auditions

Post by flute friend » Mon Aug 11, 2003 3:20 pm

Hi!! Just thik if you work really hard then maybe you
will get moved up to 1st chair. But be happy that you got that fair. that is
very impresive in the 1st place!!! [:)]

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