Just found Fluteland, nice surprise! Msg for Damjan

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Just found Fluteland, nice surprise! Msg for Damjan

Post by leeny »

Hi!! What a fantastic site, I
was hoping I could find something like this, I knew you were out there
somewhere! I have just taken up my flute again after a 12 year gap!! How could I
have left it so long? I live in the south east of England and was wondering if
you can help me way over here! I learned the flute when I was at school in
Australia, and never learned any grades. I am just learning about them over here
and it looks alot scarier than I thought! Is the grading system the same the
world over? Also, is it age-specific, i.e. is it the same grading criteria
whether you are 12 or 30? Do you have any contacts in the UK I may be able to
get in touch with? I am really out of touch and wishing to develop my flute
playing. I am surprised how quickly I have picked up the fingering and the note
reading already and I can produce a lovely sound but I have a LONG way to go.
Thanking you in advance, Leeny

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Just found Fluteland, nice surprise! Msg for Damjan

Post by damjan »

Dear Leeny, Thank
you for your nice words! Unfortunately, I do not know any players in the UK.
Regarding grading, I am not quite sure what specifically you are talking about -
are you back in music school right now, aiming for a music academy or something
else? Please let me know and I will try to give you a better answer. Also, the
fact that you are in England makes really no difference in regards to
Fluteland.com membership and our help. We have students from all over the world.
I am sure that you will get back to flute easily since you seem to love it so
much. It just takes practice. Regards,
Damjan, --- Fluteland.com Teacher

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