Flute-only choir

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Flute-only choir

Post by asoalin »

I was just wondering what you all thought about flute choirs. I've heard a couple lately...one amateur group and one music dept group from a local college, and I really don't enjoy the sound that much. You can't really experience the beauty of each individual flute because they are all playing over each other, and it just becomes "noise". It might be that the groups I heard were just not very good. I love flute-oboe, flute-piano, flute-clarinet, flute-violin, flute-orchestra, even two flutes, but the groups I heard were 8+ flutes (incl alto and picc) and nothing else. It just didn't do anything for me. I'm interested to hear what you all think!
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Re: Flute-only choir

Post by lula »

I, myself, am not a fan of flute choirs. I much rather prefer flute and piano or even just two flutes. Most of the time I'd rather listen to a soloist than hear the racket of too many flutes trying to out play each other. Individuality, in my opinion, is key and you can still express that with an accompianment through piano, violin, etc. Maybe I haven't heard the right choir yet either, but my opinion stands as is.


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Re: Flute-only choir

Post by Zevang »

Really difficult to find a group that plays in tune and with homogeneous tone.
In fact, at a symphony orchestra, the problem is just the same, only that the proportion is smaller.
In my opinion, it's easier to match flute players when they have similar instruments, mostly headjoints (maker, model) and also if they studied at the same school or learned from the same teacher.
Nevertheless, there aspects that are strictly personal for each flutist and may be worked out seriously until a flute section can be considered "in tune".

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Re: Flute-only choir

Post by pied_piper »

asoalin - I tend to agree with you to a point. I've heard some that are pretty good, but unfortunately, there are some that are not so good. Part of that may be due to the arrangements. I think many composers/arrangers just don't know how to arrange for a bunch of flutes. A lot of arrangements seem to be little more than taking piano, orchestra, or choral music and then labeling the parts for flutes. To me, that is less than optimal for a good sound from a flute choir. However, when a composer/arranger truly knows the strengths and limitations of the flute, they can write a piece that works well. Also, some flutists are more used to being a solo instrument or being the only person playing a part and just have not developed their ensemble playing with other flutes. That probably contributes to some of the less desirable sounds that you describe.

But then again, I would much rather listen to a flute choir than an oboe choir... :twisted:
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