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Music, Music, Music

Post by flutesong »

Ah, to find somewhere new to "thumb through" music. Guess it's all done with thumbs but on the keyboard now and not perusing the collections in your local music shops. Would love to find more music for flute (sheet music, books, songs written on napkins lol) in the venues of Celtic, World, Renaissance, and is there an "African" music for flute. I really enjoy some of the more etheral and haunting melodies of the flute. Want the true forms of these venues, not, for example Jingle Bells done with an African or Celtic twist...All suggestions, ideas, remarks, et al welcome! :D

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Re: Music, Music, Music

Post by jmdewey60 »

Here's one I was working on today.
I got this from flutetunes but lowered it to play on the violin.
It also makes it nicer for the flute, I think.
This is an old Irish song and you can find several versions on YouTube.
carrickfergus-lowered a fifth-small.jpg
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Re: Music, Music, Music

Post by nasxxx »

that tune reminds me of the "50 OLD ARIS AND DANCES" From Scotland and Ireland for descant recorder little book but quite fun.

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Re: Music, Music, Music

Post by Bo »

There are some Celtic music scores here:

And for general flute music, I really like

Plus, of course, the Petrucci library (for all instruments including the flute)...

I hope this helps! :)

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Re: Music, Music, Music

Post by fluteguy18 »

If you want a good celtic flute resource, hop on over to

They have a really good forum there. It's mostly penny whistle based, but they have LOADS of stuff there. They talk about everything from whistles, to flutes, celtic flutes, bagpipes, recorders, quenas, panpipes, duduk, mijwiz, dizi, and the list goes on, and on, and on!

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