hello everyone

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hello everyone

Post by nonamortica » Sat Jan 11, 2003 9:28 am

What a wonderful site this is .... I played flute in
Junior High, many many years ago, and was not really very good. I have always
loved the instrument and have tried to go back to it several times over the
years. Well my sweetie plays the bass guitar and I have been hanging around with
the band a lot and found I really really missed making music also. So I found
myself a used Jupiter 511 in really good shape and am looking much forward to
playing again. I have viewed the free videos and I can tell you, no one ever
explained ANY of that to me when I was learning so many years ago. When I am
able I will probably purchase a membership. Not quite at the moment but soon I
hope. That fingering chart is really nice too. I have a lot of practicing to do
just to get my basics back, and am really not sure how far I can go, but hey if
I don''t start I will never know. The sweetie says he is going to be on me
"like white on rice" to keep up the playing. Altho a duet of bass guitar and
flute seems an unlikely combination, he has some ideas in his head. Anyway
thanks for providing such a lovely site. Nona

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hello everyone

Post by damjan » Sat Jan 11, 2003 12:32 pm

Thank you for the nice words. Many years back, I used to
be a bass player, too. I think bass and flute can be quite a pretty duet! Good
luck with everything!
Damjan, --- Fluteland.com Teacher

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