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Powell Signature

Post by flutecrazy »

I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Powell
Signature flute. I am going to be getting a new flute for graduation and am
seriously considering this flute. My flute teacher says that it is the best I
can get around that price(about$3000). I''m probably going to get it from
flute world so that I can try it first. I just wanted to know if anyone has ever
tried one before and what their experience with it was.

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Powell Signature

Post by AG950Flute »

I tried out this flute a little bit, unfortunately not
enough to give you a lot of advice. I played on a Powell 2100 for several years,
which they discontinued, and honestly I think it would be considered in between
the current Signature and Conservatory model flutes that they have now. Anyway,
I enjoyed that flute a lot, and served me well [:)] Determine though what your
price range is. If it's 3K that flute should be great, if it's a little more
look into other companies like Burkart, Brannen, Miyazawa, or Muramatsu. They
also make a "production" flute for less than their handmades. Best of luck on
your search!

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