Flute Solos with Accompaniment CD

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Flute Solos with Accompaniment CD

Post by janinco »

I played flute many years ago through high school (marching band) but my primary instrument was bassoon. I just started playing again after 35 years as part of my cancer therapy and am really enjoying it.

I'm by no means professional, but can play somewhat advanced music. I found this great solo book with a CD called "Flute Solos for Worship" by Brant Adams. It's so much fun to play with accompaniment and I wondered if any of you can recommend other book/CD combinations.


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Post by fluttiegurl »

I too love that book. It is one of my favs in my collection.

There is a set of books called Music Minus One. Some are good arrangements, others not so great, but they are fun to play around with. I think Flute World carries them.

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Post by janinco »

Thanks - I'll check that one out.


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Post by pied_piper »

If you really like the play-along-at-home concept, here's a couple more for you.

VideoSheetMusic has onscreen flute music with accompaniment. It's free on YouTube.

Smart Music is a subscription service ($30/year). It provides similar capabilities and there's a wide variety of styles and difficulty. Some pieces have the music onscreen and others only provide the accompaniment - you provide the sheet music. Exercises and studies in various styles are available too. Teachers can also use this as a vehicle for teaching and making assignments.
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Post by janinco »

What great resources! I sure wish something like this had been around back when I was a student. Thanks!


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Post by Konstantin »

That book sounds like a good one. What type of accompaniment does it have? By this, I mean, do real instruments play in the accompaniment, or is it just electric synthesizers? I am having trouble finding CD accompaniments with real instruments. Even just a piano accompaniment is fine with me.

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Post by JennyColville »

The Paul Edmund-Davies Performing Edition on JS Bach Flute Sonatas (1)

- BWV 1035 in E major
- BWV 1034 in E minor
- BWV 1030 in B minor

It has a play along CD and loads of great pieces at many different levels; some fast, some slow. I love baroque so I would really recommend this!

Also forgot to add that there are loads of good jazz play along books if you like jazz flute which is always fun! If you like a particular piece of music you can usually download the accompaniment. I have loads of CD's with James Galway playing my fave pieces which I just play along to - it's a good way of teaching yourself a new piece as well :D

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Post by flutetunes »

Have you checked out FluteTunes.com?
You can find a nice selection of pieces with free play-along MP3s for different instrumentations, but mainly flute & piano.
Here you can see the titles and how they are arranged:
It's daily updated, and it's also possible to leave requests.

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Post by Tarandros »

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