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band chair system

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for my high school symphonic band class, everyone was required to submit an audition video and the teacher said that she would provide feedback on all of the videos. they were submitted three weeks ago, and only now has she assigned the seats. i was dissappointed to find out that i am last chair. i was confused though, because i never received feedback on my video. this likely means that she never watched my video, and that she just gave the assignment anyway. i am one of two freshmen and the section has five players. the other freshman was given third chair, even though she has only been playing for one year and even though she cannot play any high notes. i have been playing for four years, and i think that something is wrong with the assignment. i know that the arrangement likely wont change, or at least not until the second semester, so i have decided to concentrate my energy on improving. does anyone have any similar stories or any tips on how to improve quickly? thanks

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Re: band chair system

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ilikeflutes, I think the place to start is with your band instructor. Ask for an appointment so that s(he) can give you feedback. Inquire about where s(he) thinks your strengths and weaknesses are and what s(he) feels you should concentrate on. Set aside time every day for practice, and do not let anything else interfere with that practice. I know many students who practice 30 minutes a day. When I was a high school student, I practiced a full hour a day--even if I had to divide it up with a half hour before school and a half hour after school. I went into my sophomore year as the last second flute in our symphonic band. Before the end of my sophomore year, I was playing first flute (second chair). Changes can occur rapidly if you are dedicated. While many of my friends were hanging out with other friends after school, I was home practicing. Don't get discouraged. Best of luck to you!

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