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Flute Center of New York

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I just wanted to share my trial/buying experience with Flute Center of New York.

I have been watching videos on line posted by a young lady name Joanna. She has some excellent tutorials for new players as well as doing flute reviews for the Flute Center of New York. The Flute Center offered extended trials (10 days) and free shipping which seemed like an excellent way to try different flutes at no cost and without having to travel into NYC.

I went to their website and found three flutes that interested me and were in my price range. I contacted them, provided my information and gave them the list of flutes. The flutes arrived in a few days. Unfortunately after giving all of them a thorough try none of them did it for me and I returned them using the prepaid shipping label.

When the Flute Center received them they contacted me and asked if there were any others flutes I'd like to try. Ultimately over a four week period I was given the opportunity to try eight different flutes from seven different companies and was even allow to hold a couple of the flutes beyond the normal trial period to compare the one I was hold to another flute that was going to be shipped. During this time I was expecting them to say "enough is enough" and end any future shipments. It never happened and in the end after many hours of trying flutes in the relaxed comfort of my home I found "the one" (for me it was a Muramatsu EX).

During the whole process TFC answered all my question, never questioned a return, never tried to pressure me into buying any particular flute and keep every shipping commitment they made (actually they made shipments the same day even thought they didn't get the information on what I wanted until late in the day).

So if you are really in the market for a new flute (the thought of someone abusing the trial offer makes me cringe) I would highly recommend the Flute Center as a place to consider for getting flutes to try in your home. Of course there is the responsibility of caring for the flutes for an extended period while you have them in your possession and returning them in the new condition they were received but the advantage of spending hours trying the flutes without time pressures or distractions is a wonderful benefit worth that added responsibility in my opinion.

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Re: Flute Center of New York

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm glad you found the "one"! It's always good to hear success stories and good experiences with flute stores. So often we only hear the complaints and bad experiences!

Enjoy fluting!!!
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