Flute comparrison

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Flute comparrison

Post by Carolbullock »

Hey guys, I am new to this sight and am looking forward to getting connected with other flautists! I have played the flute for almost 50 years. Crazy how time flies! I have been playing my Armstrong for 42 years of that time. It has been a good flute for my needs but I made the mistake of testing different flutes and ever since I have pined for a new one. I am semi professional level and play in a Symphonic Orchestra. I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on a professional model but I have been rather impressed with Yamaha 677 and the Northbridge. Does anyone know much about either of these models?

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Re: Flute comparrison

Post by SylvreKat »

I'm not familiar with either of those, but I can tell you my Yami 584 plays like a dream compared to my old Armstrong 80. The Armstrong's a good solid flute, esp since my repairman tweaked it to make it more responsive. And I use it for rehearsals and practicing and most concerts outside. When I switch to my Yami the last week before a solo, runs just fly! Low notes pour out. My fingers feel the vibration of the notes. That high E sings even without the split-key.

If you can afford it, then yes. Spring for the Yami. But keep your old flute as your workhorse.

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