Need flute to purchase

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Need flute to purchase

Post by bsfloyd » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:55 pm

Hello everyone. I hope I'm not breaking rules with this post. My high school sophomore is in need of a flute as her current flute has seen its last days, due the terrible Ohio weather and football season marching band. Those cold, rainy, icy games really takes its toll on instruments.

I am posting with hopes that someone might have a flute for sale - or perhaps a teacher that might have one, or knows of a place to direct me to purchase one used. Her current flute is (was) a Gemeinhardt 22 SP. So, I would need something of equal quality or slightly higher. Sadly, budget is an issue so we can't go much higher in quality $$$ wise.

If you have anything or can direct me anywhere it is greatly appreciated.


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