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Sharing my flute learning and looking for some tips

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Sharing my flute learning and looking for some tips

Postby jbei » Mon May 02, 2016 11:44 pm

I posted this to another music forum, which not too specifically about flute so I thought maybe I will get better advises here. This is just me sharing my flute learning experiences.

I picked up flute about five months ago. Previously I can played other instruments, guitar and piano at amateur level.
So, over these months I have enjoy playing flute very much and got some "gigs" such as in church and weddings. My most challenging songs are Canon in D and Air in G so far. Canon was challenging for it's faster tempo and "Air" is due to its long notes and breathing.

Meanwhile I think I am in good track but I really realize that to step up I'm facing several issues right now:

- tone clarity, how can I eliminate the "hush" sounds that I still produced? can we really eliminate that unwanted noise?
I know that the right way to blow the flute is with "tuuh" and not "huuh", but right now I still find it hard to do "tuuh" and eventually became dependent to doing "huuh".

- embouchure. how to be always hit the right embouchure. every time I play, I still need a warm up finding it. There is one problem whenever I up the stage and need to perform with microphone (with a band), I need to carefully listen to stage monitor. If I can't listen to my own voice I will quickly lost the embouchure. I must resort to the resonance vibration in my finger to "find out" if I'm doing okay!

- fingering. yes, the open C note fingering is challenging. As so when try to hold the flute firmly and balance. Some of internet resources I read said that I can use the left index finger to help holding the balance, there is another opinion indicated that we should not do that(?)

- I learn scales, to increase my speed / dexterity, but find out that some of the scales really too challenging to learn so I put that aside to focus my time on learning songs...lol.

- I'm not sure if in my current stage I need to need to learn tongue techniques. I tried, but quite frustrated that my current physical condition maybe too "old" to add in more flexibility. So, right now I play flute with completely absence of tongue techniques.

- What my next goal is to learn vibrato. For vibrato I blow a very strong air and let it vibrate. But a problem when I play low notes where I can't blew it hard. Other method is simply shaking my lips, but maybe this is a wrong way to do it. Advises on vibrato is truly needed right now.

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