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Can anyone write sheet music for a song I heard?

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Can anyone write sheet music for a song I heard?

Postby thingy512 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:23 am

Hello, I'm new here. I've recently picked up the flute again after not playing since I was a kid.

I've picked it up again, in part because of a great flute bit in a song called Zomer by Bakermat (you should have a listen if you're not familiar).

I can't find the sheet music for the flute section of this song anywhere and I'm not a good enough player to figure out the notes by ear (though I have tried).

Can anyone help with this? Or point me in a direction of someone/somewhere that can?

Sorry if this is not an appropriate post for this forum - please let me know if I'm breaking any rules by asking.


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