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According to this chart I am anywhere from a 3 to a 7. I've lacked a lot of structured teaching. I can read all flat key signatures but have trouble with anything past 3 sharps. I am working and getting better at those though. Rhythmically I understand most of it and can play it with practice. Playing with an ensemble I am fine because there I have the oppertunity to ask questions about the pieces. Sightreading I'm not great at but I am improving. So yea I am spread.

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Post by Lauren »

3 or 4...i don't know ...but i've never had private lessons, i just play in band and i've been playing for 4 years


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Post by joolz »

I thought the chart was ok and while some of it didn't apply to me, I found out roughly that I am a 9 but I am learning the Boehm caprices at the moment (just about killing me!!!) so I am edging into 10. I was nicely surprised. I guess it works if you come from a classical background and want to "compare" your home level to those of other countries. Useful for me here in Australia since I don't know how grading works anywhere else.


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Post by brina »

I am level 8.

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Level seven to eight. I don't know the pieces though. As a high school flutist, I haven't seen much classical music. We tend to play comtemporary pieces, even pop music. I've never had private lessons either. I just absolutely love to play! :D

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Post by remnantpark »

Grrr...I can fit into a lot of levels.
My range is from C1 to C4.
But I am a lot more advanced musically, probably because I have started playing flute with a better understanding in musicality from piano. (not trying to sound like i'm bragging. i'm only stating the truth) thus, I know a lot more scales.
but i'm stil working on vibrato
i'm definitely trying to increase my stamina and breath control
hrm. i can't really define my level. it is probably at least a 5 or higher...:\

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Comfortably i'm a 6 edging into 7 which is quite good for 4 years lessons. I've been in a band and are in 3 ensembles. This scale is useful for me as i'm british and the grade system isn't really known round here. But i see the problem with people who've had no formal lessons. It's interesting to read though.
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Post by smurph »

I am a 9 going on to 10... I have taken private lessons for 3 years.... I have done a lot of the stuff on the level 10 but not all. For Solo and Ensemble last year, I played Concertino by Chaminade and for our Spring Concert this year I am playing it with band accompaniment.

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Post by vampav8trix »

I just recently joined this board and this is my first post.

Thank you so much for posting that chart. I have always wondered what the international flute players were talking about when they were doing their level 6 exam. This is nice.

I just started playing 4 months ago after a 25 year break.

I can play B1 to D4 pretty easily.

I guess I am a 6. I can play some of the 8 stuff though (scales). I am pretty rusty with the double tonguing. My timing is horrible unless I am playing with one of those music minus one things. Got to pull out that metronome and work it.

I played Carnival of Venice in 9th grade high school.

Maybe someday I will be good enough to play it again.


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Post by fluteguy18 »

The more I think of this thing, the more I tend to think of smoke and mirrors. To me, it seems very objective and depending on the severity/accuracy of one's judgement, it is quite easy to rank yourself higher/lower than you should be.

A lot of it seems to be based off of experiance more than anything. "Working up excerpts over several years..." "has performed..."
Lists of certain repertoire to 'define' these levels.

If a player is of prodigous skill, they can be a 10 without all of the experiance. But, just because someone has worked through all of the literature, excercizes, and other things listed up through level 10 doesn't mean that in the grand scale of all flute players in the world they are actually very good.

This isn't to slam anyone by any means. But, after meditating on this a while, I don't see why we need to constantly be running ourselves up against a measuring chart to rank ourselves. These charts are seldom fair, and only present the ideal flutist. And, depending on the individual, they might be very forgiving in their judgement, or very harsh and strict in their judgement leading to an unfair accessment of their worth as a player.

I myself tend to be very harsh in criticizing my playing. So, in regards to technique excercizes on this chart, I would rate myself lower because I haven't encountered many of the things mentioned by Jen Cluff. In Repertoire, I "rank" at the top of the chart.

Such charts seem to me to be too universal. No one will ever fit into them precisely. And thinking back on my initial post in this thread, by posting our "results" it seems to give some sort of hierarchy which I don't feel is good for overall morale.

Teachers all use different methods. One of my teachers for example was taught in the Taffanel&Gaubert school of thought. Since then, she has surveyed the technical literature, and decided to use all of Trevor Wye's "Omnibus" material for her students instead. She still uses the Andersen studies, Boehm Caprices, and one book by Moyse [24 Little Melodic Studies]. Otherwise, her students stay with T. Wye, or branch out into W. Kujala's "Vade Mecum". So, I myself have studied very few of the technical studies mentioned on the list.

I just don't understand anymore. Years ago, I used to look at these sort of charts like they were holy scripture. Now, I don't set any stock in them other than trying to access a rough idea of where a player might be, or as a source to pull ideas from on what to study next.

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Post by vampav8trix »

I just think that the grading is interesting. It gives me an idea of what someone is talking about when they say that they are taking their grade 8 exam.

It also helps give me an idea of what to expect if I order some music from flute world. I can order something that will be challengeing enough for me to try without getting overly frustrated. It lessons the likelyhood that I will order something too easy or too hard. Eventually I would hope to be able to play the really challenging stuff, but it seems a waste to have it sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. (possibly forever)

I can do some of the harder skills listed in 7 and 8. I think that a lot of people are all over the chart.

I think of it as a suggestion. Not something written in stone.

The information is helpful and useful in my opinion.

And yes, after I have reread the thing. Maybe I should rank myself lower.

I am just a dabbler and I am playing for fun.

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