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well we dont really do it for diciplinary purposes!! its part of our calistetics...we mostly do it for endurance...u know 3 laps around the field..140 crunches 50 push ups and 50 sit ups!! its alot but its worth

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holy crap! thats nuts! our band director doesn't do our warmups, the field conductors do it. we usually all feel pretty lazy and do like 25 jumping jacks, 15 pushups, a few stretches, and then something to help us with our balance. Jeeze I can't believe you do all that. If we had to do all that our band would probably be a lot smaller than it is now. Our band director just makes the entire experience horrible though, and there is a large number of people (almost everyone...) questioning if they really want to come back next year. If Mr Hamill screws the flutes over again by giving us an... incompetent section leader my best friends are dropping out, so I'm leaving, and I know some others will come with us >.< I would feel terrible abandoning the band like that but if its not fun there isn't any point in it. Yes, we love making music, but if it stops being fun and starts being dreaded, its not worth it. :(

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