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Post by briolette »

Well, happy birthday MeLizzard! I sing too. :)

I'm almost 30, but look about 20. :(

I'm on the diminuative side (I'm barely over 5 feet tall) but I have a freakishly deep voice. If you're ever bored, I have music podcast at http://adzukipodcast.blogspot.com with me doing the intros, so you can hear for yourself. BTW, the next one will be all flute music...

I started playing in 5th grade which is when band programs tend to start up where I grew up. I did the bulk of my playing in college.

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Post by auona »

i'm 17 now and have benn playing since i was 6, so.. already 10 years ;>

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Post by jenmel »

Happy Birthday, MeLizzard! I'll be 35 this fall, so no one is laughing here! I definitely remember 1981.

I started playing my alto sax in about 1981 also, and played through HS graduation. Didn't pick up an instrument again until a year ago when I picked up my old flute that I had just played around with. I love it, and it's been a great experience playing for fun with my church choir.

All the best!

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Post by MeLizzard »

Thanks, guys!
"There is no 'Try'; there is only 'Do'."--Yoda

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Post by Freemanflutist07 »

I am 17. I've been playing the flute for 8 years now. I am currently a senior at Freeman High School.
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Post by Beemorriscats »

I'm 14, and in ninth grade. This will be my fifth year (we start at my school in 4th grade, but my mom, who also played the flute, taught me some basics the summer before). In fourth grade I broke a bone in my hand and had a cast on my ring finger and pinkey, but I still managed to play the flute for the concert :lol:

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Post by Zevang »

43 and a half... Believe me, that's a recent picture on the left...

hey amizade, nice flag you chose, also the name: friendship... :-)

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Post by Marie »

What does Zevang mean? And that is a great pic :-)

I am 38 will be 39 in 4 more days.

You are ONLY as old as you feel. :-)

P.S. I have the hardest time logging in. I have to keep doing it repeatedly. Anyone else have this problem?
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Post by Zevang »

Marie, thanks a lot for the complement! :-)

Zevang stands for a junction of my first name and my middle name:
Jose (Ze is my nickname in portuguese...) +
Evangelista (Evang, abreviated...) =
Zevang, simple as that... :-)


i play cornet
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Post by i play cornet »

I am 82 years old and have played cornet for 72 years

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Post by Serpentine »

i am 17. One of the youglings! :P

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Post by mtms5467 »

I'm in 8th grade and I'm 13.

I've played flute since I was 10.

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Post by Band_twink_14 »

I'm 15. I started playing a year and a half ago. It's hard to believe but I'm 2nd chair in my school band. Most of the other's in my section have been playing since they were 10 because the catholic school that most of the other girls went to started band in 4th grade. I'm considered intermidiate by my band teacher though. :)
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Post by cflutist »

Gee Wiz, I must be the old lady of the group at 50.

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Post by Lauren »

i'm 13 and i've been playing since 5th grade...and i'm in 8th grade...so this is my 4th year playing the flute


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