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Moving to Advanced - Professional

Post by Lazul » Sun May 20, 2012 2:59 pm

Hello people! I'm in need of advice.
I've been hunting used flutes on ebay the last 2 weeks, and I just couldn't get anything convincing. My budget is tight and I have no means to try them. So, my options are:

Yamaha 561 - Solid silver head and body, plated mechanism, CY headjoint - It's a solid choice, but I'm trying to get something non-yamaha, somthing a bit more professional.
Sonare SF77BGF - Now this one is puzzling me. The materials are also silver for HJ and body, plate on the keys. The whole concept of a sonare with a powell signature headjoint puzzles me... I've tried powell flutes with a signature headjoint and they are incredible. I'm really tempted on this one, it's new, 50% off, at 1800. The body is made in germany. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Pearl quantz 765 or similar - There are very different opinions on pearl. I was going to get a Cantabile for 2300 (just out of my budget, selling my kidney for this), but I backed up on the last second.

Another option was to get some kind of combination between some mid-advanced flute like yamaha and a good quality HJ like miyazawa or muramatsu. I don't know, it's a lot of money for me, I really need an upgrade, I can't try any of those flutes, there are dozens of models and brands.

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Re: Moving to Advanced - Professional

Post by pied_piper » Sun May 20, 2012 8:40 pm

You should read the section of the Fluteland FAQ that discusses buying flutes online.

That section lists a number of reputable online flute stores and they often sell at a discount off list price. Most of these stores will send you up to three or four flutes so that you can try them at home. Usually they require a credit card as security (in case you don't return the flutes) but they don't charge you for the flutes unless you decide to keep one. They will charge you for the shipping costs and that may be around $75 or so including insurance. All of the flutes you mentioned are good but, trying them is the only way to know which flute is best for you.

When I was ready for a better flute, several pro flutists that I knew all played a Powell so I had my mind set on upgrading to a Powell because that's what they played. I tried a number of different flutes at a store that was within driving distance. After playing flutes from Powell, Yamaha, and Pearl, I was leaning toward the Powell but couldn't quite make up my mind. Then, to confuse things more, the salesperson suggested that I try a Muramatsu. I immediately knew that was the flute for me because I could make it sing with a better sound than I could on any of the others.

Everyone is different and every flutist finds a different flute that works for them, but you need to try before you buy! We can't tell you which one will be best for you.
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