Flutter tonguing...

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Flutter tonguing...

Post by GImom07 »

My whole life I haven't been able to roll my tongue until recently...I got some tips from my brother, who is a trumpet player and has to flutter tongue, and I can do it great now! The problem is, I can't roll my tongue and blow a note on my flute at the same time very well, only on some of the higher notes.
My main question what syllable do you use when you start to flutter tongue? I find when I just roll my tongue I start with a TRR, DRRR, or PRRR, but when I try to do any of those while I am forming my embouchure, I can't control the shape of my lips and what they do, so no note comes out on the flute just air noise. Am I making sense at all?
I thought the hardest part would be learning to roll my tongue and once I got that down it would be a piece of cake, but it's not!
Any advice would be great, thanks!
When in doubt, trill.
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Re: Flutter tonguing...

Post by lianeandflute »

I am looking forward to any replies people have as I am bad a flutter tonguing too!

I can do it with the throat but not the tongue, and you really need to be able to do both...
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Re: Flutter tonguing...

Post by Bo »

I don't know... I think I might have an advantage because I studied languages at the Uni, including Italian and Spanish. Flutter tonguing comes easy to me somehow. I personally find double tonguing more difficult than flutter tonguing (proper double tonguing that is, really smooth).

Maybe you can try some Italian or Spanish words with an R as an exercise? Just repeat them again and again.

Good luck!

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